Obviously, the answers to those questions are “No”. Now it’s time to consider a proactive approach to preventing drug use in the workplace. Random searches by a canine trained to detect the odor of narcotics will deter this type of activity.

You're getting warmer

Implementing a Drug Free Workplace Policy is a good start. Adding random inspections by a narcotics canine will round out your current policy and ensure a safer work environment. 

     an Expert at Work

Phoenix has had a substantial amount of training and continues to train at least 3 times a week.  She is trained to find Methamphetamines, Cocaine, Marijuana, and Heroin. 

Is your workplace really drug free?

Drugs in the workplace are an accident waiting to happen

In most “Drug Free Workplace” policies there isn't a measure in place that actually keeps the drugs out of the workplace.  Here’s a breakdown of a common policy: Employee education, declaration of a drug free workplace/signage, Random drug testing, post-accident  testing, for-cause testing, and employee assistance.

There are employees who continue to bring narcotics into the workplace

●    Does hanging a “Drug Free Workplace” sign deter this?
●    Does employee education deter this?
●    Does pre-employment drug testing deter this?
●    How about random or post accident drug testing?