Is the home you just bought safe for your family to occupy?

how sure are you?

The simple fact is: You'd be surprised at what people leave behind.  Hidden drugs in homes pose a serious risk to you and your loved ones.  We've found discarded or forgotten narcotics in everything from a towel bar to behind a loose piece of trim in a closet.  Whether it was left by the former owners, tenants, their friends, relatives, or a vagrant taking advantage of an empty house, we'll find it.

Door Hang tags

An effective addition to the detection service is a hang tag to place on the doors of your residents.  After seeing the dog's presence on the property and the hang tag the illegal activity is likely to cease.

Drug Free Housing

Want to ensure your housing units or apartment complex is drug free?  Contracting a private drug dog service will definitely make an impact. Periodic and random inspections by a narcotics detection canine will send a strong message to those involved in illegal drug activity.