The New young face of heroin addiction

​The image of a listless young heroin addict collapsed in a dark filthy, alley is obsolete. Today, the young addict could be as young as 12, play video games and enjoy the music of their generation. She could appear smart, stylish and bear none of the common traces of heroin use, such as needle marks on her arms. Because it is available in various forms that are easier to consume and much more affordable, heroin today is more tempting than ever. Between 1995 and 2002, the number of teenagers in America, aged 12 to 17, who used heroin at some point in their lives has increased by 300%. A young person who might think twice about putting a needle in their arm may more readily smoke or sniff the same drug. But this is falsely reassuring and may give one the idea that there is less risk. The truth is that heroin in all of its forms is dangerous and extremely addictive.

Don't be the last to find out

Are you concerned that your children may be using drugs? Are their friends hiding drugs in or around your garage? We know that every child is exposed to these contraband items on an all-to-frequent basis both at schools and at other activities away from their home. Children feel safe at home, and if these activities are occurring, they will usually have contraband hidden in the house, or in their vehicle. Ensuring a contraband-free environment is not as difficult as one might think. However, our service offers you the ability to recognize, understand, and evaluate your home safety risks. Our inspections are unexpected and unannounced to the child and can be randomly scheduled by you or done on a regular basis. Peace of mind is important in today's society. We help by providing insight, advice, and guidance when facing the risks that adolescent child, whether yours or others, bring to a home.

We are not obligated to report any findings.  We simply mark the location and leave it for you to handle at your discretion.